gil, 22. kidult, quasi-hikikomori, incurable introvert. wants to stay at home and draw forever.
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what materials did you use for your last project? i think you called it "cold dust"


pencil, copic markers for the colours, chinese brush pen for the linework, chinese ink and white goauche. and some last minute photoshop as an afterthought - hope that’s useful :)

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hi! thanks for being interested! warning: long detailed answer ahead.

usually for inspiration i either have a thing i want to draw in mind (like tentacles!), or i surf tumblr wildly.  i look out for feelings, an odd juxtaposition of objects, a particular turn of pose or expression that resonates emotionally with me somehow. in all my art i’m trying to capture this headspace of

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Your art is mindblowing! Definitely inspired to pick up and experiment with copic markers again, do you have any tips for using that medium?


Definitely get the copic ciao or sketch! I.e., anything with a brush tip - that makes it far easier to blend. And on that note it’s probably a good idea to start buying 2 or 3 different shades of the same type of colour. E00, R00, YR00 and R20 are very good base flesh tones to have, if you draw a lot of (paleish) people. Shade skin with lavendery/bluish purples rather than grays - this gives you depth without dullness. Actually stuff in general looks better when you shade it in multiple subtle hues, I think.

I tend to work in layers, as in, fill in the whole space with the lightest colour then fill in and blend midtones and shadows, building up colour. But that’s by no means the only way to work? Oh, and erase your pencils properly! The solvents in the ink will smudge out and set graphite such that you can’t erase it anymore, so unless that’s the kind of look you’re going for…

Um, that’s pretty much the general advice I can think to give? I hope that helps :) If you run in to any specific problems, feel free to ping me again. I originally started using copics because I loved Obata Takeshi’s art, so it’s extremely gratifying to hear that someone would want to try it out after looking at my work. Thanks! ♥♥

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great work! i love it! quick question: i'm going to be applying to get into the arts as applied to medicine grad program at johns hopkins his january and will need to create some water colors for my portfolio (which i've never really used before). it looks like you've got a lot of experience with that medium. do you have any pointers?


hi! checked out your tumblr, you’ve got some damn cool work up! mad props, srsly. to be honest, i’m not very practiced at watercolour - i primarily work in copic markers, butttt from my occassional dabbles i guess my advice would be to:

A) vaguely plot out which parts you want to be the darkest first to anchor your composition,
B) be patient; watercolour works by buidling up translucent layers, so if you’re not used to working that way it can get frustrating
C) let the water do the work for you. watercolour is a super distinctive, fun and fluid medium. experiment with wide washes, then dropping more concentrated colour on top of it - you’ll get amazing results with minimal effort.

honestly, from the insane level of skill your work displays, you should be absolutely fine, just follow your instincts and have fun. good luck with grad school! i didn’t even know med arts was a thing, it sounds amazing! would totally be interested in seeing the pieces you eventually create. 

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